Services for Students

It is significant to understand various offerings of a Country and University. Here students are assisted by the team members in making a final choice in terms of the right course and the right University and College in a specific country balancing the student’s requirements and the eligibility factor. It is significant to understand various offerings of a Country and University should the student need to be on the right path of achieving the long-term goal. The major aim for the students is to select the right course and the right university. Once this is achieved, admissions is our responsibility. Students not only save money in this process as the applications are only made to specific Institutions considering the application fees that most universities charge but also save valuable time.

We provide following services

Career Counselling

Want to choose the Right Career Path?

Need to Enhance your Career Prospects?

We can help you to move up the Ladder!

Guidance in selecting Courses, Universities / Colleges

We are committed to individualizing the college admissions process in order to ensure students are selecting universities that meet their personal, academic and emotional needs.

Assistance in preparing SOPs

Your first draft will be thoroughly checked for continuity, clarity and distinctiveness. You will find a variety of questions and comments, all designed to increase the detail and color of your essay, without compromising the word limit. As your essays/ sops take shape, we will fine-tune each draft, focusing on sentence structure, grammar, style and flow. Our work is not done until you are satisfied; there is no limit to the number of drafts that we will review for you.

Formats for Transcripts, Recommendation letters and Portfolio Provided

Your resume and response to “short answer” questions are crucial parts of your application. We will ensure that they are detailed, developed and results oriented so that you bolster your overall possibilities of success and capitalize on every opportunity. Selecting and managing those who will write your letters of recommendation takes thought and skill. We will give you the tools to select the recommends whose letters will both complement and supplement your application and grab the attention of Admissions Committees.

Application Processing

We know how to ensure a complete & an error free application. We will hand hold you in completing the application with our expert advisors following our two level review to ensure we put out the best application for the admission team to review. We will assist you in making your final application to the selected University. The application sent to universities of your choice need to reflect your best achievements, personality traits and interests. We help you achieve this by using our panel of experts to put together the perfect set of SOPs and essays that will help you stand out from hundreds of applicants. We will help you compile your documents in a manner that will afford you the highest possibility of admission into your dream institution.

Spot interviews & Admissions

After reviewing your profile and analyzing your strengths and weaknesses, we will help you identify the programs where you will be competitive. Then, we will help you develop a strategy to move forward. Through our distinguished panel of experts, we will help you understand the traits and attributes of interviews and it will help you to get admission.

Visa File & Interview preparation

The Visa process is just not about right paperwork. We will tell you how, with the mandatory set of documents, we will help and guide you through the Visa process with a series of presentations and seminars. Takeoff counselors help you sail through the visa interviews by providing you with advice and coaching on the interview process.

Post Landing Services Including Airport Pickup & Accommodation

With assurance of other facilities, we even arrange Airport Pick- Up facilities & with temporary Accommodation once a student lands at his desired destination. If the student wishes, we can arrange for their temporary accommodation too.